Sugar Fang Vegan Bakery

Sugar Fang Vegan Bakery

Sugar Fang Vegan BakerySugar Fang Vegan BakerySugar Fang Vegan Bakery

Handmade, with love

About Us


Early Mornings

While the streets of Deep Ellum are still dark and empty, our bakers are hard at work crafting delicious pastries for the day.


Handcrafted Goods

We are an all vegan bakery, but can accommodate many other dietary restrictions with a special order. We make all of our baked goods from scratch, down to the fillings, frostings, and glazes. For our daily offerings, you can follow us on social media!


A Space to Meet with Friends

We are located inside Deep Ellum's BrainDead Brewing, which makes our bakery the perfect place to come with friends! Not only can you grab some baked goods, but you can have a cold glass of one of our many house-brewed beers, and some delicious food from our kitchen. BrainDead has a huge patio, and plenty of indoor seating, they also have an extensive vegan/non vegan menu to accommodate every lifestyle.

Meet Our Team


Sugar Fang Vegan Bakery is a three-person operation, which requires hours of hard work daily to bring you the best sweet treats possible. Read below to learn a little bit about the three women that make Sugar Fang possible. 

Fun Facts:

1. Amaris, Soto, & Minda are obsessed with paranormal and true crime podcasts, and they listen to them each morning while baking. (Amaris & Soto have a podcast called Baking a Murderer)

2. Soto is a dog mom of 2.

3. Amaris is a cat mom of 4. (She may have a problem..)

4. Soto enjoys hiking, and hanging off of things that she will likely fall off of.

5. Amaris loves gardening after she gets home from a long day at the bakery.

6. Minda is a talented actress and vocalist. She spends her free time doing work with local theatres.

7. They all love Harry Potter, and all things magical. (Always.)

8. They are all long-time vegans, and love the challenge of baking without animal ingredients. 


Amaris Riddle, Pastry Chef/Operator

Amaris grew up in a bakery, because her mom was a cake decorator, this sparked her passion for baking, but she wouldn't move on to pursue her dream of being a pastry chef until May of 2018 when she began working at a local vegan bakery. While Amaris hasn't been baking professionally for very long, she was already nominated for Pastry Chef of the Year by Culture Map Magazine, and is passionate about her craft, as well as the vegan movement.


Susana Soto, Decorator/Baker

Susana also got her start at a local vegan bakery, and later moved to Sugar Fang to become the head decorator. She is very talented at her craft, and is quickly learning the baking side of the kitchen. She works hard daily to make sure all of our items look beautiful, and like Amaris, is passionate about serving the vegan community, and changing people's ideas about plant-based food one baked good at a time. 


Minda Rocha, Baker

Minda's background is in theatre, however she also has experience with professional vegan baking. She is a talented baker, as well as cook, and often makes savory fillings for our Friday specials. (Her vegan breakfast sausage is out of this world!) She is an extremely hard worker, and is a crucial member of the Sugar Fang Team. Like her coworkers, Minda is also a vegan.

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